Tuesday, June 28, 2005

All About Brownsville's Growth

What's this new blog about? Simple. Everything about the city's historical buildings, architecture, new construction, and anything related to this. This is a way for me to express my opinons of what's going on around town as far as construction is concerned, voice opinion about the state of of downtown district, what should or should not happen, etc.

Basically, I'm trying to be the voice of the city. I also want to know other's opinion on anything I talk about.

Currently, I'm the president of a new organization called Preservation Brownsville. What we do is advocate and inform the public about the state of downtown B'ville. We want to preserve this beautiful area and help those who are going to renovate existing buildings on how to properly renovate and the do's and don't on renovation. If a historical building (commercial or residential) is going to be demolished, we are going to go to the city meetings and explain the reasons to save the building(s). Although you'de think that this doesn't happen anymore, it still occurs. We want to preserve the downtown to what it used to be. The more voices we have, the better chance of rescuing our history.

Also, I created a website that shows B'ville's growth and development called: A Pictorial History of Brownsville: Growth and Development. It pretty much shows B'ville through its history with the use of pictures. It also show the current construction and any future projects. It's pretty large and I'm still working on uploading the pictures. It will contain well over 500 pics of this city and continue growing. I try to update it at least once a month with new info and pictures. Visit my website at www.brownsvilletexasonline.com and see what Brownsville is all about.

Well, that is for right now. I'm actually wworking and the fear of getting caught is high on my list.




Blogger Mayra said...

YAY! A new Brownsville blog! And your theme hits close to heart Tony! I am an original downtown girl myself (but not the type you see on 14th st. though, hehe.) and look forward to the wonderful development downtown Brownsville is due. Good luck with your organization's initiatives and if you all need any support or want ideas let me know! One idea that comes to mind is preserving the murals around downtown such as the one on 8th and Elizabeth and at the Esperanza Home for Boys. If this is something Preservation Brownsville would be interested in let me know.

7:55 PM  
Blogger TonyL said...

Yeah. I've seen that mural and have always liked it. This is something that I would be interested in saving. How can we go about this? I'm not sure if the organization would be interested in this. I'de have to ask the founding president and ask if this is something the organization could help out on. Give me a few days to receive and answer.



10:45 AM  

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