Thursday, January 12, 2006

Brownsville Multimodal Transportation

The most recent design concept of the Brownsville Multimodal Transportation Terminal. Construction could begin as early as 2008.

If all goes as planned, by 2008, downtown Brownsville will be home to a new, larger, more beautiful bus terminal called the Brownsville Multimodal Transportation Terminal. This new terminal will be home to the City BUS and also all of the private bus companies such as Adame, El Expresso, Greyhound, etc. This terminal will affect downtown in a positive way by combining all the bus companies under one roof, make public transportation easier to use for the UTB/TSC students as well as the downtown area, and create a ripple effect with new retail and restaurants. The area that will be demolished does not have any historical structures and will help improve the area as its structure will blend in with its historical architecture.

At this point, a Federal Transit Administration approval of an environmental assessment is required then it goes back to public commenting and if all goes well, construction will soon follow. This is a project long over due and when built, will improve the downtown image and transportation for all.


Anonymous Fred Becerra said...

It's great about the Multimodal Project, but what concerns me most is the undevelopement of the local airport. Seems Harlingen just took our bragging rights to being the center of air transportation of goods.
They have professional people running their airport (as well as McAllen) while we have local people who have no idea what it is to run an airport or expand it.
McAllen has added airline after airline while we have none.
Since Brownsville has grown 13% in volume last year, what is our future like?
What airlines will make Brownsville home and I hear on the airport web that a new terminal is in the planning stages. Any word on that.

7:51 PM  
Blogger TonyL said...

A new terminal will be built but don't expect it before 2010.

As far as a new airline, I'm not too sure about that. Maybe once B'ville can have 100,000 people fyling through here every year.

8:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you please inform me as to which building will be demolished for the new terminal and what does the NHS consider historical?

10:46 AM  
Blogger TonyL said...

Currently, there's a hardware store, a pawn shop and other non contributing buildings that would be deemed historical. There isn't much there that would be demolished that would take away from the downtown, if anything the new terminal would improve the site substantially.

NHS considers buildings hsitorical if they are 50 years or older. Also, buildings that have not been altered from it's orginal form are called contributing and noncontributing are buildings/homes that have been altered but can be changed back to it's original form. In order to remain on the NHS listing, the owner must keep up the appearnce and maintanance of the building and has to be renewed every year (I think?). There are other factors but you can look this up on their website.

Thanks for the question.



4:18 PM  
Blogger TonyL said...

Oops, I said in the 1st paragraph that there are non contributing buildings that would be deemed hsitorical, I meant NOT deemed hsitorical.


4:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When do you expect ground breaking for the new bus terminal?
Also, how will it effect the businesses that are located on 13th St. between Jefferson and Madison?

11:16 AM  
Blogger TonyL said...

The new terminal is expected to break ground sometime this fall or early next year since the funding is in place and the enviromental impact and public meetings cleared as well.

There's nothing to impede construction now.

How will it impact businesses on 13th street between Madison and Jefferson?

Well, the obvious ones to hurt for the short time are the businesses that are located where the construction will be but will be back in the new terminal. All businesses around it will probably benifit tremendously as the new terminal will attract more people and especially students from UTB. There will be more movement in the area but nothing is a sure thing until it's built.

3:57 PM  

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