Friday, July 01, 2005

Brownsville Finally Looking Up

Ah, wouldn't it be nice to drive through B'ville on the expressway and see not just towering palm trees (which happen to be tallest than most of the structures in B'ville) but towers four to eight stories along side the expressway in the Morrison Crossing Shopping Center. Well, it could happen and very soon if the developers of Morrison Crossing get their way.
Today in the Brownsville Herald's story: Bernard brothers envision four towers at new development is an article but towers rising over the small skyline of B'ville. According to their story, the Bernard Brothers are looking into building foru towers composed of a bank/office, upscale hotel, medical, and condos. They will vary from 4 - 8 stories adding a much needed skyline to Brownsville's north side.
I've always said that B'ville needs a decent skyline in order to attract larger companies. The reason is because high-rise buildings are a symbol of power and prestige. It shows the world that the city is not just a sleepy town but a town that means business, literally and figuratively. Currently, B'ville is trying to catch the eye of the NFL League but may have a hard time selling the B'ville image in part because of its skyline (there are other factors for sure). Imagen the Goodyear Blimp flying over and showing the US a land mostly of agriculture and low-rise buildings. It just wouldn't be attractive and the rest of the nation would laugh. Read the story about the RGV vying for the NFL League on the Borwnsville Herald: Group faces major obstacles in luring franchise.
Hopefully, if the towers do get built, even one of them, this could lead to other developers to rethink their 2 to 3 story buildings and think taller. B'ville is coming of age where land should not be gobbled up to build one-two-three story buildings and intruding into the wildlife habitat. Land is finite while the sky offers more room to build. Really, the sky is the limit.
1. B'ville will surpass McAllen as the #1 city of the RGV in terms of higher salary employments, bank deposits, high-rise construction, and attracting large corporations before McAllen within the next 15 years.
2. The first high-rise (12 stories or more) will be built within the next 10 years since the Villa del Sol (14-stories and only high-rise) was built in 1971.
3. B'ville will have its first skyscraper (500ft or more or roughly 42 stories or more) within the next 25 years.
If the booming construction continues at a steady pace, all this may be possible and B'ville will once again be the powerhouse of the RGV.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the article. It just shows that brownsville residents want the city to prosper and it will. By the year 2010 brownville will attract big retailers that many people years ago would've never thought possibele.The year of the giant is coming soon. Believe it.

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