Tuesday, August 23, 2005

My Website: A Pictorial History of Brownsville

To those of you who have not seen my website as titled above, then what are you waiting for? click here to view it: A Pictorial History of B'ville, Tx

It's pretty much a website about B'ville's past, present, and future growth. It covers topics from the history, demographics, before and after pics, info on individual buildings, current and future construction projects and much more!

It's been online since April but I'm still working on it. Some pics and not working and I'm still uploading many pictures. It'l be about another year before it's fully developed. I hope to have about 500+ pics uploaded this year and I'm about 60% there. Remember, it's not completly done cuz I'm doing this on my spare time. Enjoy this free website and hope you all learn something about this wonderful city, on the border, by the sea!


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