Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Join Preservation Brownsville!

Have you ever gotten upset or even angry when drivin in downtown B'ville and seeing many of our hisotric structures slowly crumbling away? Ever wondered what you could do to rescue these buildings? Well, here's your chance. Join forces with those who have the exact same questions and feelings about the state of our downtown. Then, join Preservation Brownsville!!
Preservation Brownsville is an organization that advocates the protection of historic structures within the downtown area.
Eventhough many historic structures have been demolished or destroyed, Brownsville still has many more historic structures. I would even venture to say over 100 historic homes and commercial buildings still exist. Basically, the area that Preservation Brownsville is interested in protecting is from St. Charles St to the Expressway 77/83, and from UTB/TSC to Palm Blvd; though, the Kraigher House (on Paredes Line Rd) is also on our radar screen.
Currently, I'm the President of Preservation Brownsville (PB for short) and I'm looking to find more people interested in preserving and advocating for the preservation of our historic structures. I will most likely be holding a general meeting this coming October and talk about the following tentative outline:
1. Purchasing a historic building for renovation and for PB 1st headquarters.
2. Creating a website for PB
3. Creating a new logo for PB
4. Talk about the ordinance that deals with demolition by neglect.
5. Other as yet unknown
PB has been around for about five years but has started over agin with new faces and new hope. There are about 20 members in our organization and are looking for more to join. More voice means more action by our city officials. If the city officials see that there are many of us who want to see downtown rescured, the better the chance for our voices to be heard in numbers.
I will let everyone know when the general meeting will take place as soon as I meet with my board members sometime next month.
If you are interested or just curious in joining us or just to come to the next meeting, let me know and I will keep you posted on the latest events. There are currently no fees (just donations) and I plan to keep it fee free for the forseeable future. Remember, things don't change if you just sit there and get upset, make a difference and join our organization nad do something positive and focus that anger into one voice, Preservation Borwnsville; helping to preserve our history.
To contact me to learn more about our organization, please e-mail me to the following address:


Blogger Brownsville Scenes said...

You can count me in Tony, i'll help...

7:58 PM  
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Blogger TonyL said...

Thanks guys! Steve, if you are interested in joining our organization, I'll keep you posted as to the next general meeting (maybe in Oct). This goes for all you guys interested in helping to preserve Brownsville's historic structures.



10:11 AM  
Blogger Mayra said...

Yikes Tony. Looks like your post got invaded by blog spammers. One time I wrote a very sentimental post about my parent's restaurant and the first comment it got was an ad for free television sets. Go figure.

But yeah, count me in too for PB. I'll write a post about it on the Art of Brownsville. Keep an eye out for it. See ya!

5:33 PM  

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